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Outcome optimization relies on leadership precision – the powerful fusion of situation and skills, mission and mandate, and culture and character.


It’s more than a goal… it’s “Gold.”


Like Gold, it’s Precious.

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2 Ways We Work With Organizations

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“One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.”  

Arnold Glasow

Why Clients Choose Us

Why us

Every day brings new choices, and new possibilities. Organizations have choices when it comes to partnering with executive search and human capital consultants. LTA believes we bring clients unmatched value on a number of levels.

Described by clients as entrepreneurial, flexible, agile, professional, yet personal, LTA has been recognized for providing deep subject matter expertise across industries and functions.

Long considered to be credible and trusted advisors, we are also considered to be “part of the family” to many of our clients.

Lisa and Fran operate as an integral part of client organizations, helping them achieve their goals through a broad array of solutions dedicated to leadership objectives and challenges. Often our work is within the scope of business transformation. These mandates are more important now than ever before.

For many of our long-term clients, we are looking forward to continuing the journey. For those new to LTA, we welcome you aboard.

Why now

Ordinary is no longer the answer. Not for business, not for our clients, and not for us.

There has perhaps been no greater urgency for challenging the status quo, than in our current environment.

Some lean on experience to validate the status quo. We reference our experience to change the status quo, reimagining a better way forward.

It’s how we have built our careers, challenging the ordinary, and supporting our client organizations in their quest to do the same. We embrace opportunities to tackle the complexity of future leadership missions to enrich organizational value for our clients, as well as for our business.

Whether organizational development, succession planning, or even critical urgent leadership changes, extraordinary can only happen by moving away from the ordinary.

Clients bring us in when

  • the business situation has changed, giving rise to imminent organizational and leadership change imperatives – when there is no time to get it wrong, calling for the credibility and experience of a trusted partner is paramount.
  • organizational transformation is underway, and in the midst of highly ambiguous future, depth and breadth of experience is sought, valued, and welcomed.
  • it becomes clear it is not about measuring leadership against broad based leadership norms. Rather, it is about “leadership precision” specific to the organization its culture, current situation, and its overall mission.
  • the organization is committed to a customized strategy of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, reflecting the perspectives and interests of its customer base, employee population, culture, communities, and the purpose to which it is dedicated.
  • “past performance” proves to be less effective in predicting future performance, in an environment where everything is changing – calling for a more balanced, unbiased, and a data driven approach to leadership assessment and selection, and making the difference between effective and ineffective leadership decisions.
  • continuing business change triggers an evolving culture change – requiring the critical ability to assess and manage the change, and evolution in both the short and long term, to achieve the targeted outcome.

Here’s what our clients have to say

“I’ve had the good fortune of working with Lisa on two searches. First as a candidate for a Senior Sales & Marketing opportunity and later as a client for recruiting a Senior Product Management executive. She is a thoughtful and passionate leader with excellent communication skills. As a candidate she kept me informed and engaged through every step of the recruiting and interview process offering a tremendous amount of insight relating to the culture, opportunity and expectations. As a client she was able to recruit outstanding candidates and, through her outstanding assessment tools, connect them to the mission, vision and values of our organization. I would highly recommend Lisa for your next executive search!”

Michael McCann

President – Industrial client

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Lisa Tromba

Lisa Tromba

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Lisa Tromba is a well-experienced executive search and leadership assessment advisor delivering diverse leadership solutions across Consumer, Food & Beverage and Industrial markets globally. Her work spans functions and leadership levels through to C-Level.