“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

– Steve Jobs

Our Business Philosophy

We engage with clients where they are, understanding their need, their situation, and their mission.

Working flexibly, with rigor, creativity and agility, our mission is to advance business and leadership outcomes by enriching organizational and leadership potential.

We are committed to “Integrated Engagement,” in every aspect of our business.  Integrated perspectives, teams, approaches and solutions, enriches our outcomes, as well as those of our clients’.

The right leader and team alignment with each unique client situation and mission is more than a goal.

It’s Gold.  It’s Precious.

And for us, it’s Personal.

Our Gold Standard

Always client-centric, operating as a valued partner with sensitivity and flexibility, and above all, with discretion and integrity.

Committed to Integrated Engagement and diverse perspectives in every facet of our work.

Agile in our operating approach, while remaining rigorous in our process.

Progressive and creative in our thinking and execution.

Courageously candid and future focused, challenging the status quo.

Enriching the people and businesses within our ecosystem.

Creating value by delivering leadership solutions, that in turn deliver business outcomes that are precious.

Our Relationship Golden Rules

Appreciating and enriching our clients and our candidates with meaning and purpose.

Respecting our valued partners and the advantage they deliver.

Empathetically advising & supporting executives in transition toward their golden opportunity.

Warmly welcoming new clients and executives into our community which to us, is precious.

Meet Fran and Lisa

Francis “Fran” Luisi

Francis “Fran” Luisi

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Fran Luisi is a leader in executive search across industry sectors and multiple geographies, helping organizations build their depth and quality of their Human Capital (HC) and Human Resource (HR) talent and functions globally.

Lisa Tromba

Lisa Tromba

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Lisa Tromba is a well-experienced Executive Search and leadership assessment advisor delivering diverse leadership solutions across Consumer, Food & Beverage and Industrial markets globally. Her work spans functions and leadership levels through to C-Level.