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We believe that integrated perspectives guide the way to effective solutions, and organizational outcomes. 

Respecting nuances across our clients’ situations and mandates, LTA’s solutions integrate relevant external perspectives to inform and empower the refinement, and customization of key strategic Human Capital solutions.  

LTA works closely with clients on a broad array of Human Capital consulting and advisory engagements, spanning organizational, culture, leadership, group, and individual growth trajectory mandates. 

Our Consulting and Advisory solutions are designed to provide clients with the support they need to solve multi-level Human Capital challenges across the enterprise including transformational growth agendas, organizational, group and individual performance and development mandates to fortify and accelerate the bridge to outcomes. 

As part of our process, we include diagnostics to identify and understand potential disengagement, underperformance, leadership gaps, misaligned talent, as well as organizational, group or leadership stress to get ahead of breaches to the outcome bridge.

LTA clients understand our commitment to delivering customized solutions required to support their bridge between Human Capital and strategic outcomes.  Leveraging our depth, breadth, and expertise across multiple industries and cultures, we have earned the trust of our clients through the success of our work across the Human Capital spectrum, credibly positioning us as trusted advisors, influencers, and client confidants. 

Our Consulting & Advisory engagements include:

Culture Evolution and Change

Organizational culture is more than an organization’s “personality.”  Culture bridges values, beliefs, behaviors, and ethics.  It serves as an organizational compass for those within the company, as well as within its business ecosystem and marketplace. 

LTA understands the factors that shape, change and evolve a culture, and its powerful impact to both internal and external communities.  Culture delivers both social and stakeholder value.   

As organizations grow or change, elements of their culture tend to endure, such as values, and their people philosophy and orientation, while other facets must adjust in response to an evolving and changing external environment, including pace, and aggressiveness toward change and innovation. 

LTA’s experience in combination with our Integrated partner teams, spans diverse businesses sectors and cultures globally and includes advisory regarding nuanced culture change, as well as large-scale reengineering projects.

DE&I Strategy and Implementation

As the broad-based nature of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) continues to grow and change at warp speed, many organizations are considering DE&I to be their highest priority.

LTA is well positioned to advise, consult and to support clients wherever they are on their DE&I journey.  Working across a wide range of global industries and businesses of all sizes on a multitude of challenges, we encounter issues including structure, organizational makeup, customer perception and reflection, through to purpose and community issues.

We make it our business to immerse in best practices related to the many DE&I issues both internally and externally, that impact organizational, societal, and marketplace challenges.


With the dramatic shift in ways of working affecting organizations, leaders, teams, and individuals, more than ever, engagement matters.  

Engagement, empowerment, and momentum represents the bridge to outcomes.  Engagement is where the journey starts. 

Whether onboarding and engaging, or reboarding and re-engaging leaders, teams and individual contributors, LTA solutions provide clients with the necessary insights and solutions to accelerate engagement in order to accelerate outcomes.

Understanding engagement levels across your organization is non-negotiable.  LTA’s Engagement solution is customized to support organizational engagement whether:

  • Connection or reconnection, within a new, modified, or existing work environment
  • Optimization of new, refreshed, or existing roles across the organization
  • Facilitating and enhancing empowerment opportunities at all levels of the organization
  • Accelerating momentum through engagement of leaders, peers, managers, and individuals
  • Revealing unique dynamics and opportunities across teams
  • Identifying disengagement within the organization and approaches to getting back on the bridge

Executive Compensation Consulting

The changing nature of executive compensation and broad-based employee pay issues is continuing to impact many organizations and businesses on a number of levels.

The ability to critically assess the objectives of pay programs and address them through multiple methodologies has reached a strong level of interest within many organizations. LTA is well experienced in all areas of Total Rewards. 

Our sophisticated Integrated Engagement model enables us to address many challenges including compensation inequities, recruitment and retention, corporate cultural evolution and creative incentive pay programs.

Internal Talent Acquisition Support & Advisory

Many organizations are facing the growing issues associated with the development, growth, and structure of internal talent acquisition and mobility units. The capability to keep up with the shifting talent acquisition paradigm is paramount and often daunting.

LTA brings a wealth of experience in the evolving nature of Talent Acquisition.  We are well positioned to support internal talent organizations through counsel, advice, and solutions designed to assist and amplify the success of internal recruiting by:

  • Leveraging our relevant work and executive community to expedite and enrich candidate pipelines
  • Increasing the speed of candidate development through collaboration
  • Elevating candidate due diligence through a balanced approach to candidate assessment that considers both subjective and objective data, providing in-depth insights gained through time-tested, sophisticated consulting tools to evaluate candidates including culture fit, operating style, performance drivers, acumen, and leadership mindset, specifically designed for use in a business environment. 
  • Enhancing the integrity of selection decisions through in-depth referencing
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of internal recruiting organizations through best practice training, development, and coaching customized to the organization

Onboarding, Reboarding & Integration

With the shifting paradigm of talent acquisition and development, especially in a virtual and hybrid workforce environment, creative and innovative solutions are critical.

A thorough assessment of the organization’s business, culture, and employee population, including engagement level, often results in the reengineering or updating of many strategies and programs. Over the years, Onboarding and Reboarding has gone through many changes. Today, Onboarding and Reboarding is a customized process and program that is a continuous experience. In working with many organizations globally, LTA provides clients with advice and counsel and metrics for creative innovative Onboarding and Reboarding strategies and implementation programs.

Integration is the key to enabling the swift and full functioning performance of an individual.  Studies have shown it can take between six and nine months for an executive to have a full impact in their new role due to a poor cultural fit, lack of understanding of the organization’s ways of working and practices, challenges associated with forging relationships with colleagues, and an insufficient understanding of the organization’s business model. 

Where thoughtful integration plans are developed, executives can reach full performance in as little as four months.  Slow moving transitions are costly.  An active assimilation that is structured and includes tailored experiences for the new leader accelerates the integration, and therefore productivity.   

Organizational Development (OD) and Organizational Effectiveness (OE)

As many organizations are navigating the changing nature of business and markets, Organizational Development (OD) and Organizational Effectiveness (OE) are taking on an increased critical role.

The ability to assess and manage the most appropriate intervention and to measure the results is paramount. A deep dive into the development and effectiveness of an organization is critically valued. LTA has worked with many businesses and corporate cultures providing advice and counsel, including leveraging an Integrated Engagement model to achieve specific short-term results in support of long-term outcomes.

Talent Acquisition Strategy

The evolution of a cutting-edge Talent Acquisition strategy is arguably the most important aspect of a progressive human capital strategy.

The ability to address issues of philosophy, structure, development, leadership and management, metrics, artificial intelligence matter in a talent acquisition strategy. The selection of the right value partners, while managing cost and implementing the most appropriate technology system and assessment tools is critical. LTA is highly experienced and well positioned in all areas of the talent acquisition lifecycle.

Clients value the perspective, counsel, and advisory nature of the LTA relationship, and our investment and commitment to delivering their desired and required solutions.

Talent Mapping and Leadership Insights

Long considered to be an effective and efficient talent strategy, a sophisticated mapping exercise provides clients with a detailed road map to many talent challenges.

The development, growth, and overall progressive degree of a talent mapping project has become quite nuanced, addressing specific considerations such as industry experience, diversity, compensation, high potential, identifying passive candidates and succession planning.

This approach provides a critical lens into the marketplace, while managing the cost associated with the exercise. Leveraging cutting edge research and a highly credible network of relationships, LTA provides clients with exceptional value with respect to a Talent Mapping approach.

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