Diversity Equity & Inclusion

The value and brilliance of an organization is reflected through the inclusion and integration of its many facets of diversity.
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Like gems, people are brilliantly unique.

LTA’s Approach to DE&I

LTA believes strategic Diversity, Equity & Inclusion brings facets of brilliance together, improving the value of the whole…exponentially.

Whether consulting and advising, conducting an executive search, or delivering a customized leadership solution, through our FACETS approach, we support our clients wherever they may be in their DE&I journey by:

Facilitating DE&I leadership initiatives – through rigorous mining of “precious” leadership and talent, discernment of unique brilliance, and the deliberate and proper integration of precious talent across the organization.

Adding value to our client organizations, while equally enriching the careers of our successful candidates by ensuring the value proposition for both client and executive is exceptional.

Committing to candidate slates that span diverse perspectives, experiences, ethnicity, orientations, backgrounds, and physical and intellectual abilities.

Engaging with our valued partners, experts in DE&I – integrating leadership and development solutions, strategically aligned with the specific needs of our clients, enabling the advancement of their DE&I journey through a research-driven, and customized approach.

Transitioning and onboarding leaders with diverse perspectives, experiences, and orientations into our client organizations, thoughtfully ensuring a sense of belonging.

Strategically partnering to deliver sustainable systemic solutions.  Working in partnership with our clients, and our DE&I value partners, we leverage diverse expertise to deliver a customized and integrated approach to DE&I.

Strategic Partner 

Leading NOW is defining the future of inclusive leadership development for the 21st Century. As the epicenter of new knowledge and the pinnacle of transformative solutions, Leading NOW is the global advisor to organizations–changing mindsets, behaviors, and cultures to be inclusive for all. Leading NOW’s research nucleus, The Gender Dynamics Institute and the Center for Diversity & Inclusion bring together the world’s greatest minds in DE&I, to share insights, observations, and discoveries to provide guidance to existing Leading Women & Leading Forward solutions, and to recommend the creation of new experiential solutions to help clients reach their inclusive talent & culture goals.