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LTA Executive Search Experience and Philosophy

LTA’s robust and rich global portfolio of successfully executed executive search mandates spanning functional and industry sectors, resonates with our clients.  Providing clients with a clear understanding of our work paves the way for a confident and collaborative partnership.  Widely respected for our subject matter expertise and trusted advisor approach, clients understand that the philosophy of LTA is embedded in every facet of our work, and focused on the recruitment of carefully evaluated, premium talent, not just filling positions.

The decision and planning to bring a new leader into an organization begins well before a search is launched, and the proper integration of a leader into an organization extends well beyond the executive’s start date.  LTA believes executive search starts with planning and continues through onboarding and integration.

LTA engages with clients from the planning stage of an executive search, working with clients to consider not just the nuance of the role, rather, to view this new hire through the lens of the organization situation, mission, and mandate, identifying the important criteria for optimal performance while factoring in both internal and external success criteria. 

Position Benchmarking

Once the conceptual work is done, we then apply a zoom lens.  Working collaboratively with clients, we layout the “ideal” benchmark which provides specific requirements in connection to culture fit, operating style, performance drivers, competencies, acumen, leadership mindset, and emotional intelligence.

Executive Assimilation

When the successful candidate is selected, we stay engaged.  Whether participating in a successful onboarding experience or working with the organization and new leader to clarify team considerations, including role alignment and development criteria and opportunities – ensuring the proper strength of the team to achieve the business outcome.

A deep understanding of transformation and the changing nature of emerging businesses with unique corporate cultures allows us to swiftly navigate the fluid nature of global organizations and businesses focusing on stellar talent, wherever they may be. The ability to provide clients with a customized process, while leveraging real time data and metrics have added value in managing the timeline and the quality of each engagement.

Extremely well known for our deep connection to the global Human Resource/Human Capital, General Management, Finance, Marketing & Sales and Operations & Supply Chain landscape across industry sectors, LTA has the resource capability and infrastructure to support clients in multiple functional and industry sectors leveraging our Integrated Engagement model.

At the core of LTA’s foundation is a strong process and metrics approach, coupled with a focus on providing state of the art assessment solutions, as well as managing a seamless assimilation process. Given our track record of follow on engagements from many clients, we are well positioned to manage the most demanding and challenging executive search assignments on a timely basis.

Executive Assessment for Search

A multi-science assessment is embedded into our search process. 

LTA believes it is our responsibility is to provide clients with all relevant information, not just part of it, to best inform hiring decisions.  That means providing insights well beyond those gained through interviews and referencing.  Traditional executive evaluation processes are primarily subjective, and void of critical objective data unattainable through a conventional interviewing process. 

Our assessment process combines our expertise, and traditional candidate evaluation practices, with a comprehensive objective dimension, that reveals hidden data, necessary for understanding how an executive operates, why they are driven to perform, how well they align with a particular client organization, what competencies they bring to the organization, as well as key insights related to acumen, leadership mindset, and emotional intelligence.

LTA is committed to providing clients with access to both subjective and objective candidate insights enabling a balanced selection process, and one that enables intelligent decisions based on data, specific to the organization and the mandate – paving the way for better decisions, reduced risk, and improved outcomes.

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