Integrated Engagement

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Integrated engagement delivers precious value.

The direct value of our Integrated Engagement Model is derived from the power of our IE philosophy encompassing integrated engagement practices in every facet of our business, and across all of our valued relationships including clients, candidates, valued partners, and our specialized engagement teams. 

The indirect value of our IE model is recognized in extraordinary and productive outcomes. 

Integrated Engagement spans our entire business model.

Integration with Clients

We empathetically immerse ourselves in our clients’, culture, organization, and business to clearly understand the uniqueness of their situation, ambitions, and goals.  This enables us to integrate our process into their process, working in sync with their overall strategy, specific needs, and timeline. 

Integrated Perspectives

We do not simply talk about the value of integrated engagement.  We live it. 

From the planning stage of an engagement throughout our high touch execution, the extensive work of our integrated engagement teams, through to the solutions we deliver – diverse perspectives, capabilities, and experiences are integral to every client engagement.  It is what we do. 

Extraordinary outcomes depend on the integration of perspectives and expertise.  That is where the gold is for every organization.

Integrated Expertise

Integrated engagement teams are assignment-specific, bringing the specialized depth and breadth of expertise and experience to every client engagement, amplifying valuable perspectives which create momentum, and optimize outcomes. 

Integrated Due Diligence – Organizational & Leadership

The rigor of due diligence in every LTA service is designed to integrate qualitative and quantitative data to inform solutions with precision. 

We apply an elevated and integrated due diligence approach whether working at an organizational level, team level, or with an individual leader.  Our Integrated Engagement approach raises the bar.

Elevated due diligence is integrated throughout our solutions.  Our IE model is specifically designed to enrich and elevate outcomes, leveraging both “human assessment intelligence,” and objective, ‘augmented-intelligence.’  Whether we are working broadly at an organization, team or individual leader level, we integrate our leadership evaluation expertise, along with a fully integrated “multiple-science” assessment that reveals precious insights highlighting a leader’s “positioning,” and fit specific to the client organization, culture, mission, and mandate. 

Achieving “Leadership Precision” It is not simply about more information.  It is about leveraging the precise information to inform data-driven, intelligent decisions, that reduce risk, and enable the greatest opportunity for our clients to achieve optimal outcomes.  It is how we operate. 

We call it Integrated Engagement (IE) and it defines the way we work in every facet of our business…to support the best outcomes in your business.

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