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Our work is firmly focused on the inseparability of Human Capital and outcomes, in that order.  Outcome optimization relies on leadership precision – the powerful fusion of situation and skills, mission and mandate, and culture and character.

Our Leadership Solutions include:

High Potential

While organizations recognize High Potential talent is important for their future success, they often have questions regarding how to harness the power of potential. 

 LTA works with clients to help define:

  • What high potential talent means for their organization
  • The critical dimensions of High Potential 
  • Why Drive and Emotional Intelligence make these individuals multipliers of productivity and progress
  • How to recognize and measure key indicators of high potential, and critically,
  • How to mentor, develop, manage, and retain high potential talent

Leadership Assessment & Insights

We measure leadership precision because it matters.

Leadership precision depends on “Unique Positioning.”

We focus on a leader’s “Unique Positioning” to the uniqueness of our client’s situation – the position, mission, organization and environment.

Our Convergence of Evidence process is a multi-science approach to assessment, that reveals key indicators including behaviors, performance drivers, competencies, acumen, cognitive orientation, and emotional intelligence. 

Leveraging sophisticated, time-tested, consulting tools, LTA provides our clients with the data that matters most to inform critical decisions across a wide array of Human Capital initiatives. 

This comprehensive “Convergence of Evidence” approach produces critical and relevant data, while providing a balanced evaluation process, guarding against bias in hiring decisions. 

Our integrated assessment approach combines “human intelligence” with “augmented intelligence,” and it is an LTA gold standard in the finalist candidate stage of an executive search.  This best practice has proven valuable to our clients in making critical leadership decisions whether in the context of a search, or another leadership solution. 

It is not about more data.  It’s about the right data – specific to the client organization, role, situation, mission, and mandate. 

Going the extra mile to support critical hiring decisions for our clients and arming them with the right data, is a non-negotiable for LTA.   

Leaders in Transition

Sometimes our clients or our candidates become Leaders in Transition. 

As valued executives in the LTA community, we care, and we aim to provide support by:

  • Listening
  • Providing advice and ideas regarding a creative search strategy
  • Making introductions where we can
  • Providing encouragement

The temporary state of transition usually takes a toll on an executive’s confidence, presence and even an optimal presentation of leadership attributes, skills, and style.  And in most cases, there is only one chance to make an impression and to tell your story.

LTA knows how to help leaders in transition tell their story with confidence and with the evidence of data.  Whether to shore up self-esteem, clarify value proposition, or to demonstrate alignment to a specific role and organization that is within reach, we can help.

Our offering is designed to help leaders understand the multi-dimensional scope of their talent and strengths to enable the confident and productive pursuit of opportunities. 

LTA understands the value of these insights to potential employers.  Our goal is to arm leaders in transition with valuable objective data, highlighting the breadth of their skills, talents, and competencies, that cannot be extracted from the simplicity of a resume.   

Through an efficient survey and effective feedback discussion, we provide leaders in transition with the information and evidence they need to differentiate and strengthen their candidacy.   Our deliverable is a catalyst for moving forward with confidence, data, and strength, whether used as a reference for the executive alone, or as an addendum to a resume in an executive’s presentation to a potential employer. 

Some of the evidence-based insights we help illuminate include: 

  • Leadership-Organizing and influencing others to believe in a vision, with purpose and direction
  • Conceptual, futuristic, and practical thinking
  • Operating approach to results, people, communication, risk management, and pace
  • Strategic and execution mindset, approach, and competencies
  • Decision making and risk tolerance
  • Problem solving
  • Resiliency
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Acumen
  • Understanding others
  • Performance drivers
  • Mastery level of key leadership competencies

Let’s connect to discuss how you can fortify the bridge to your next opportunity and your career advancement.

Mentorship, Leadership Development & Retention

“In wicked (uncertain) domains that lack automatic feedback, experience alone does not improve performance.  Effective habits of mind are more important, and they can be developed.” – David Epstein, author, Range

Leadership can be found at every level of the organization.  Building leadership bridges that span multiple levels and facets of an organization enables the thoughtful passage forward for the leader and for the organization.

Leadership has less to do with title and role, and everything to do with mindset, character, self and social awareness and regulation, interpersonal skills, learning agility and of course, intrinsic drive. 

LTA works with organizations to identify, select, develop, and retain leaders, wherever they may be in an organization.  Building a pipeline of leaders with business acumen, cognitive, cultural, learning agility, and emotional intelligence who inspire through a collaborative approach, and influence through empowerment versus exerting power, provides both the leader and the organization with a pathway of momentum. 

Because every leadership platform is a bridge to organizational outcomes.

  • Early Career | Emerging Leaders
  • Ascending Leaders
  • Leaders of Leaders
  • Diverse and Inclusive Leaders

Role Benchmarking

In the same way certain technical skills, experience, and industry knowledge position one candidate over another as a strong fit for a specific role, a candidate’s behaviors, values, competencies and mindset are equally, if not more important, indicators of determining alignment to a role, organization and culture.   

It is not uncommon for organizations to unconsciously, or consciously benchmark candidates against others who previously held the role, or who may be regarded as solid performers within the organization.   This approach limits objectivity and promotes bias.  Common hiring errors that occur with this approach include aiming for “A” talent, and benchmarking against the reality of “B or C” performers.  Second, hiring in one’s own image is also a common mistake, and it is well understood as an ineffective practice.

Unstructured benchmarking also misses the mark when it comes to factoring in the specific ‘real-time’ situation of the organization.  Changes within an organization, or externally, impact roles and often require new or modified skills for optimal performance.  

LTA uses a patented Benchmarking Process, which establishes key accountabilities in partnership with client stakeholders, who know the role best.  Together we develop the benchmark against the demands of the role, not against a profile of an individual who may have held the role at a different time, in a different situation. 

The resulting Benchmark provides a clear objective and collective client voice to the specific behaviors, motivators, and competencies the position requires within the current context of the client environment.

This Benchmarking approach minimizes bias in selection decisions and maps candidates directly to the role and situation.  The Benchmark also produces a path for performance and development, increasing return on hiring investment, while avoiding significant costs associated with errors in hiring.  

Succession Planning

LTA proactively works with clients to ensure their leadership bridge is well maintained and capable of supporting the organization in its mission today, and the continuity of its mission into the future. 

We work with clients to bring clarity to uncertainty including:

  • Facilitating a proactive process to define and identify succession talent, relative to the organizational and talent strategy, including potential leadership gaps
  • Benchmarking key roles to enable sound succession planning
  • Clarifying readiness of succession candidates by revealing indicators of knowledge, skills, competency mastery, and cognitive abilities, as well as motivation and career aspirations in preparation for elevated responsibilities
  • Identifying high potential executives, along with development insights
  • Fortifying the leadership continuity bridge as planning partners in leadership mapping

Team Dynamics & Productivity

Different perspectives, beliefs, ways of working and communicating contribute to the complexity of team dynamics, collaboration, productivity, and outcomes.  

In assembling teams, much attention is paid to individuals, their strengths and the unique perspectives and skills they bring to the team and the mandate. We have found that organizations and the leaders who are charged with leading the team, can too often overlook the incongruence of a team, and the resulting impact to the mission and its outcome.  

LTA works with clients to:

  • Help build balanced teams, representative of unique skills, mindsets, and diverse personalities
  • Provide critical insights to avoid personality conflicts and dynamics that will potentially interfere with productivity
  • Clarify behavioral styles, motivators, competency strengths and weaknesses, of each team member, along with a collective illustration and mapping of the whole team unit

This approach creates a visual picture illustrating how each team member ‘operates’ and communicates, while also revealing specific ‘drivers’ of each team member revealing individual and collective performance motivators. We provide critical insights to enable the development, collaboration, and management of highly productive teams, by creating an awareness and an appreciation for the complexity of team dynamics.

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