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Values matter. Read on to learn about how Lisa and Fran came to start Luisi Tromba Advisors.
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Values matter.

While we each have our own individual professional story, we discovered we share a foundation that has guided each of us throughout our careers and continues to inform the integrity we bring to our work, and the way in which we serve our clients. 

Not known to each other, we began our careers at Big Blue, or IBM as most know it.  The values that we embraced in those early years, are the values we live every day, and those that guide us as professionals – Dedication to every client’s success; Innovation that matters for our company and for our clients; trust, integrity and personal responsibility in all of our relationships.  And of course we’ve added a few of our own values along the way – honoring our clients’ culture and empathetically supporting our clients through the challenges they face on their business journey.

As the saying goes, it takes one to know one.  Since the early start of our individual careers, somehow, after more than 20 years on separate journeys in executive search, our paths merged years ago.  It was no surprise that we quickly saw in each other the very roots that we share in common, and which govern the professionalism, leadership, and the value we deliver to clients…every day. 

Two firms later, we now have a proven history of working in sync with each other and with our clients, living our values consistently, and delivering innovative solutions with unwavering dedication to our clients’ success.  Operating with trust, integrity, empathy, and personal responsibility in all of our relationships, we have chosen to continue our journey as Luisi Tromba Advisors (LTA).  This is who we are.  Our work is personal, and that matters to our clients.

Our “Big Blue” experience became our “Gold” standard – the standard that governs our execution, and the standard that governs the value we deliver to clients.  Values and outcome-based leadership, and executive search solutions.  Only “gold.”

We know what gold looks like and the value it delivers. There is no other way. 

For us, it’s personal.