Talent Acquisition Unit Assessment & Evaluation

Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical / Consumer Products Organization
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We work in close collaboration with our CHRO Business Partners to ensure the Human Capital engine is well aligned to the organizational strategy and mission.

The Situation

Following an acquisition of a Fortune 500 consumer products organization by a Fortune 100, Pharmaceutical Company with a strong consumer division, it became apparent to the Company that the Talent Acquisition function of the combined unit was significantly underperforming.

The Engagement

Our mission was to broadly evaluate and assess the structure and capabilities of the TA organization and to offer recommendations and solutions to improve the performance of the Unit.

The Solution

We engaged in a thorough process of interviewing the entire 75-person Talent Acquisition organization. Key to the evaluation was an in-depth assessment of the Unit’s leadership and management executives.  Through the course of our due diligence, we also evaluated the structure of the organization, scope of responsibilities within the Unit, the metrics/measurements to which the group was mapping performance, and the existing technology platform.

Our deliverable included a complex report of our findings and recommendations including structural changes, change of scope of responsibilities, revising performance metrics, and upgrading their technology platform.  In addition, we were able to provide key insights that supported the need to elevate the leaders and managers across the Unit.

The client implemented all recommended changes and reported a significant upgrade in the performance of this critical Talent Acquisition organization. 

Other Outcomes